Altos de Tamarón

Celebration of ‘La Única’ tasting at Pagos del Rey

Last July, the tasting prior to the launching of the fourth edition of ‘La Única’ was held in our Pagos del Rey – Ribera Duero winery. An exclusive wine that combines the elegance of Rioja wines, the power of Toro and the structure of Ribera del Duero.

‘La Única’ is a team effort intended to create an exclusive and different wine. At the same time, it enables all Pagos del Rey Wineries to exchange ways of making high-quality wines. Each Winery has selected a particular wine from their respective Designation of Origin. The characteristics have been considered according to vineyard origin, winemaking type, choice of oak, cooper, level of toasting and ageing period. This work requires not only profound technical knowledge but also knowledge of the area in which the wine is made.

Our winemakers selected eight samples from the 2018 vintage and one from 2019 with a shorter ageing period, to contribute a fruitier note. The barrels used for the ageing of these wines are all Medium Intense Toast. One or two fillings have been carried out in all of them, and the average number of ageing days has been 360.

It is important to emphasise that a highly qualified group of tasters participated in the event. Relevant figures from the world of wine and some of the most important journalists in the sector such as José Peñín, María Isabel Mijares and Juan Fernández Cuesta. The tasting, coordinated by a team of fifteen people, was held in parallel via a video conference with the most important countries in the development of exports, including Germany, England, China, Japan and the United States.

This IV Edition of ‘La Única’ will once again feature the exclusive label designed by the renowned Argentinian artist, Mariano Rinaldi Goñi. He designed the original labels of ‘La Única’. In point of fact, the name comes from his idea: during the first edition of this very special wine, of manually customising each of the labels.

Altos de Tamarón receives award at MUNDUS Vini

This prestigious competition recognises the Altos de Tamaron brand

MUNDUS VINI is one of the most important international wine competitions in the world. The 11,000 wines that are presented each year are clear evidence of the event’s importance, that now transcends Germany. This is an honour for Altos de Tamarón.

The objective is to promote the quality and marketing of the wines presented and to offer producers, importers and consumers a forum that provides guidance during the purchasing process.

The panel is made up of professionals chosen from a group of winemakers, sommeliers and expert journalists, who carry out a “blind” tasting of the wines. The MUNDUS VINI Awards will be held twice a year, with a summer tasting in August and another, in February.

During 2020, we’ve had the satisfaction of being awarded three prizes. In the spring tasting: Gold medal for Altos de Tamarón Reserva 2015 and Crianza 2017. And in the summer tasting, Silver medal for Altos de Tamarón Tempranillo 2017.

This is a friendly young wine, fruity and very drinkable. Recommended for all occasions, from an aperitif and informal ‘tapas’ to a lunch or dinner.

Altos de Tamarón Crianza 2017 is a well-balanced wine, combining the fourteen months spent in American oak barrels and the subsequent nine-month period in the bottle where it completes its ageing cycle.

Altos de Tamarón Reserva 2015 is a more complex wine: an ageing cycle that begins with 24 months in French and American oak barrels, followed by bottling and very careful completion of the wine’s ageing in the bottle for 12 months.

We are always delighted to receive awards and recognition, but without a doubt, our greatest reward is your enjoyment! Cheers!